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August 2020

Commander:  Jim Kolls   899-0647                 Finance Off:                                                                                           Adjutant:  Fidell Wadsworth    223-0611        1st V. Comdr:  Vince Bugg  943-3888   Service Off:       

Garry  Coon    333-1542       Sgt. at Arms  Lori Barge  204-9443

2nd V. Comdr:   Dan Lefebvre    281-1122        Chaplain:  Paul Kuester   943-6590  Historian:  Jerry Logemann           253-4201



Bob Knowler     276-1763     Bob Derflinger   943-1813     Wayne Burnham   712-943-5947



CONTACT  Fidell Wadsworth   223-0611 or 943-5422 (Cell/Post)


The next drawing will be for $60.00. Dave Christensen could have won $55.00 by being paid up and present at our last meeting.  You too can win, but you must be paid up and present in order to win.


Regular Legion Meeting: Mon, Aug 3rd at 7 pm

Auxiliary Meeting: Mon, Aug 17th at 6:30 pm


Dues: Everyone should have received a dues notice from the National Headquarters by now. The American Legion Membership is based on a calendar-year from January 1 to December 31st. Renewal begins in July for the upcoming year. This way you are paid up at the beginning of January for that membership year. Renewal notices are sent out in July, October, January, March and May. When a member renews, they are removed from future renewal notices for that year. There are times when a member pays their dues, but they still receive a renewal notice. If dues are paid to the local post, it takes a little longer for national to be notified about the renewal and the member may receive another renewal notice. If this occurs please check your membership card. Your 2021 membership has been paid if the top of your card had a 2021. Please check your membership cards to see if it has a year of 2021 at the top center of it.  If your card has 2020 at the top, you can pay your 2021 dues in 3 ways: come to the meeting; Send it to the post or pay it online.


Go to, Click on the yellow button that reads “Renew”, Enter your Legion ID # and Last Name, Click Continue, (Your membership information will be displayed. Check it to make sure it is correct and fill in any blanks that need information), at the bottom of the page is a box that you must click on- it states ( I certify that I served one day of active military duty during the dates marked above and was honorably or am still serving honorably.)

 Click Continue – This will take you to your Renewal Option Page. Here you can select to pay the yearly dues or it shows you what a life time Membership cost. Click on one of the yellow buttons. The next page you will see is your payment page. Enter your information and click Submit.  Your name will appear on page for me to send you your card. That is all it takes, quick and easy.

Paying online is the best way to pay. You do not need to buy a stamp and mail it.


Upcoming Event: We did not have our Flag Retirement Ceremony on June 14th due to current conditions. On 9-11 at the Freedom Wall in So Soo City Ne. our Legion and South Soo Legion will combine and do a Flag Retirement Ceremony. Will have more information in Septembers News Letter.

Thank You,

Jim Kolls, Commander

Webmaster Garry L Coon

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